Welcome to Hess Locations, we specialize in locations management for feature films, network television, industrial / training videos, documentaries, and short films. Give us a call today to see about what tax credit status classification opportunities we can offer to you and your production project.



Feature Film Location Sets

Hess Locations has handled numerous feature film locations management contracts. Some of our credits include "White Rabbit", "Class Rank", "Welcome To Willits", "Avengers of Justice: A Farce Awakens", as well as projects affiliated with Dream Works.

Commercial Work

There is no commercial too large or small, because at Hess Locations, we give each of our client's the full attention that they and their projects deserve. The photo above was used in scouting for a national Toyota Tacoma/ 4 Runner commercial through an affiliation with Bunker Productions out of New York.

What Makes Us Different

The Managing Director of Hess Locations, Spencer W. Brown, M.H.A., also is actively involved with multiple productions on a personal and professional level. He has been a Set Production Assistant for "Class Rank" and "Welcome To Willits". He is currently Associate Producing a Stars Wars/ Batman/ Avengers parody feature film in Shreveport, Louisiana, as well as collaborating with Los Angeles networks to film an upcoming documentary this fall centered around adolescent substance abuse.